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Are you ready to grace the stage at the Vero Beach Theatre Guild?

Come audition in a positive and supportive environment.

Remember, if this show isn't for you, there are great ways to get involved like stage management, props, costumes, make-up, and more! 

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The Vero Beach Theatre Guild is thrilled to announce the reopening of the Studio Theatre with
an exciting new series; Blackbox After Dark at the Studio Theatre! This series features three
captivating shows designed for mature actors and adult audiences, perfectly suited for an
intimate Blackbox setting and a night of hysterical theatre!


Questions? Contact the Director, Ben Earman, at

Featured Shows:
• [title of show] - A side-splitting musical comedy about writing a musical comedy
• God of Carnage - A riotous comedy about manners...without the manners
• Buyer & Cellar - A hilarious comedy about the oddest of odd jobs (this is a revival from 2022, already cast)


Important Details:
• Audition Dates: Sunday, August 11th, and Monday, August 12th, 2024
• Time: 6:30 PM
• Location: Vero Beach Theatre Guild

Please Note: These shows contain adult language and themes and are not suitable for younger audiences.

All auditionees must be 18 years of age or older.


Audition Information:
• Comfort with Adult Themes: Auditionees must be comfortable with adult language and
themes. There will be no editing or adjustments to the material.

• Audition Process: Those auditioning may choose to audition for both productions or
either only the musical or the play, you will note this on your audition form. Auditions
will include cold readings from the script and improv exercises.

• Musical Auditions: If auditioning for the musical please prepare a short, up-tempo
musical theatre piece (16-32 bars) that showcases character and storytelling. No ballads.
An accompanist will be provided, or you may use a track (no background vocals).

• Casting: The shows will be cast with either the same group for both productions (4
members), two separate groups (8 members), or a mix.

• Show Details: Please see the rest of the audition notice for performance dates, roles
available/range, and other details.

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule:
• Rehearsals will be held offsite, moving into the Studio Theatre space at the Guild the
Monday before opening. Minimal rehearsals will require actors to learn much of their
dialogue and parts independently. Rehearsals are estimated to be two days per week and
then more as closer to opening.

• Each show has a cast of 4 (2 men and 2 women).

• Looking for actors who are motivated and can learn on their own. Actors who enjoy
being a part of an intimate group, work well as an ensemble, and feel very comfortable
onstage performing adult material very close to the audience. It's also important that
those auditioning have minimal conflicts as rehearsals will be very important with a
limited amount.

• Ben Earman will direct both productions, Samantha Silver will serve as Production Stage
Manager for all shows, and Karen Wiggins will be musical director and will play live for
the musical.

Show Details:
[title of show], a musical
• Performance Dates: November 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 2024 at 8:00pm
• Rehearsals will begin in September 2024
• Tech Week: November 3-6, 2024
• Synopsis - Two struggling writers, hear about a new musical theatre festival.
However, the deadline for submissions is a mere three weeks away. With nothing to lose,
the pair decides to try to create something new with the help of their friends and their
pianist. With the cast in place, the two begin conversing about what to write about.
Eventually, they write about what to write about. They make a pact to write up until the
festival's deadline and dream about the show changing their lives.

*Contains strong adult language and themes*

Roles Available –
-Hunter (Vocal Range: C3-B4 (Belt) with (D5 Falsetto*) *Interchangeable between Hunter and Jeff)

Hunter is arguably the central character of the show. Impulsive and intense, he is the
author of the book. Hunter leads the show’s creation, bounces off the others, and fuels
most of the tensions. Larger than life yet somewhat directionless, he often needs both
prompting and reigning in.

-Jeff (Vocal Range: B2-G4 (Belt) with (B4 Falsetto*)

Jeff is the foil to Hunter’s boundless enthusiasm. A talented, fastidious composer, Jeff is
resistant to Hunter’s literal flights of wild abandon, more often than not offering sharp
rebukes. Unbending, he ultimately serves as the defender of the musical’s integrity in the
face of commercial pressures.

-Heidi (Vocal Range: F3-F5)

Heidi is the established performer of the group and a Broadway veteran, albeit in minor
understudy roles. Newly inducted into the group by Jeff, her friendly awkwardness is
endearing and she soon fits right in. While not as deliberately outrageous as Susan, her
direct, innocuous comments are still hilarious. However as per her character, Heidi shines
most in the singing, she is almost always the upper part (usually the melody), and is given
the only two solos in the show; Way Back to Then and I Am Playing Me.

-Susan (Vocal Range: E3 – C5 (comically up to F/Gb5)

Susan is the outlying member of the cast. Essentially the very opposite of Heidi and an

office manager by day, Susan views the show as a creative outlet. She is plagued by self-
doubt, particularly about her singing abilities, and she shields this with her loud,

flamboyant attitude and madcap wit that meshes well with Hunter.

Show Details: 

God of Carnage, a play
• Performance Dates: January 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 2025 at 8:00pm
• Rehearsals will begin in November 2024
• Tech Week: January 12-15, 2025
• Synopsis - Recipient of the 2009 Tony Award® for Best Play. A playground
altercation between two eleven-year-old boys brings together two sets of Brooklyn
parents for a meeting to resolve the matter. At first, diplomatic niceties are observed, but
as the meeting progresses, and the drinks flow, tensions emerge and the gloves come off,
leaving the couples with more than just their liberal principles in tatters and acting more
like their children.

*Dark comedy with drinking, language, and adult themes. Not recommended for children*

Roles Available –

-Annette Raleigh (age 30-45 - Alan’s wife)

At first, presenting herself as an elite member of the one percent, she is actually on the
brink of a panic attack. Her self-confidence has been eroded by her husband Alan’s
eternal preoccupation with work. A pivotal moment comes in the show when Annette
vomits onstage.

-Alan Raleigh (age 35-50 - Annette’s husband)

An openly rude corporate lawyer, he frequently interrupts their meeting by talking on his
cell phone. As he says, “I have no manners”. At first, seen as cool and aloof, he is sexist
and always acts in his self-interest.

-Veronica Novak (age 30-45 - Michael’s wife)

A writer - she pictures herself as the queen of social conscience and common courtesy –
but is judgmental and domineering. As the situation disintegrates, she fails to maintain
her crumbling façade of civility.

-Michael Novak (age 35-50 - Veronica’s husband)

Initially eager to create peace, his uncouth nature is slowly revealed. He makes racial
comments, denounces child-raising, and progresses from a seemingly good-natured
wholesale supplier/salesperson to a neurotic Neanderthal.


Show Details:

Buyer & Cellar, a play
• Performance Dates: February 27, 28, March 1, 6, 7, 8, 2025 at 8:00pm
• This show is already cast and will not hold auditions, we are excited to bring back this successful production from 2022!

Please note that this is a new addition to the Guild’s season and will be expanded upon in upcoming seasons.

This year will be the premiere of this series so that is why the small cast sizes, also the shows
done as part of this series need to fit in an intimate setting and allow for minimal design.

Cast List for Something Rotten
Congratulations to the following cast members for this upcoming production!

Director: Beth Shestak
Music Director: Gregory Harris
Choreographer: Lily Goulet
Assistant Director: Rebecca Kaylor

Nick Bottom: Jack Evans

Nigel Bottom: Cameron Panny

Bea Bottom: Caitlin Harris

Portia: Shayna McGregor

Nostradamus: Dee Rose

Shakespeare: Nash Shestak

Brother Jeremiah: Joel Shugars

Lady Clapham: Katherine Fenn

Shylock: Dawn Carter

Minstrel/ Chef 1/ Puritan: Allyse McFall

Peter Quince/ Horatio: Shane Carter

Robin: Bruno Rodes

Tom Snout: John Stallings

Snug: Wendell Remy

Walter Raleigh/ Francis Flute/ Master of the Justice/ Footman: Devin Reboyras

John Webster/ BB 2/ Egg 2/ Astrologer: Lily Goulet

Ben Johnson/ BB 3/ Foreman/ Lead Man/ Door Man: Michael Dilks

Christopher Marlowe/ BB 4/ Man in Crowd: Terrance Taylor

Helena/ Chef 2/ Woman in Crowd: Angelina Dubois

Sad Little Egg 1: Kaylah Serke

Egg 3: Victoria Dowdell

Omelette 1: Alaska Jasmin

Omelette 2/ Puritan Woman: Jessika Adamson

Minstrel/ Puritan: Corinne Harris

Minstrel/ Puritan: Quincy Frandsen

Minstrel/ Puritan: McKenzie Shestak

Omelette 3: Gabrielle Manu

Puritan/ Psychic Woman/ Haggard Woman: Sandi Hellstrom-Leonard

Rosalind/ Puritan/ Panicked Woman: Savannah Tyler

Puritan: Kapprianah Anderson

Francis Bacon: Eryn Lawson

Puritan: Luciana Dettori

Messenger: Anastasia Trotter

Waitress: Jenelle DeLuca

Valet/ Puritan: Arron Pelc

Puritan: Sasha Martell

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